Terror at the Shore by Seamus Cooper

Brendan Halpin
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Welcome to Dagon Heights, New Jersey

Home of Sun! Sand! Saltwater taffy! And nameless horrors from the deep!

The author of the acclaimed comic horror novel The Mall of Cthulhu is back with a loving homage to EC Comics-style horror and the joys of the Jersey Shore in Terror at the Shore!

In these four interlocking novellas, New Jersey teens head to the beach for fun in the sun, only to find... Terror at the Shore !

A young filmmaker finds there's great location shooting, great makeout spots, and nameless horrors from the deep "Under the Boardwalk!"

A young man with an evil plan discovers there's a very good reason he's forbidden to visit Dagon Heights in " The Off Season!"

A phony psychic gets a glimpse of genuine horror in " Madam Anushka's Summer Job!"

Teens who vowed never to return to Dagon Heights break their promise and find themselves becoming " The Master's Bait!"

So slather on some sunblock, bring the cooler, and prepare to do the fist pump of fear in Terror at the Shore!

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Terror at the Shore by Seamus Cooper

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